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Link: Teaching Reading: K-2

Shari Frost's First- and Second-Grade Class

The Teacher and the Class


100 Days of Reading

Video Summary

The Teacher and the Class

Analyzing the Video

Making Connections

Selected Resources

Dr. Frost working with her students.

Shari Frost teaches a multi-age class (first and second grade) at the Norwood Park School in Chicago. The school serves students from surrounding neighborhoods as well as those bused from other areas of the city. Dr. Frost's fully inclusive classroom supports a range of learners, including one special needs student who requires a full-time aide.

Day at a Glance*




Conferences/Independent Reading or Writing


Classroom Routines/Morning Meeting


Interactive Writing


Guided Reading


Book Comparison


Readers' Theater


Word Study Activity




Integrated Language Arts


Other Content Areas





* In the video you see excerpts from Dr. Frost's class on February 14 and 15. On a typical day, other content areas are also included in the schedule.

Dr. Frost studies early literacy with the same dedication that marks her teaching. Driven by a curiosity about how children learn to read, she has earned a master's degree and a doctorate. Still, she remains committed to teaching at the primary level. "Lots of people say to me, now that you've had this education, what are you going to do? And I always say ... this is where I need to be; this is where I want to be. We need really knowledgeable people teaching the primary grades." In addition to teaching young children, Dr. Frost teaches at the graduate level, and makes it a priority to mentor a student teacher each year.

Believing that the "home-school connection is critical," Dr. Frost communicates with parents through a monthly newsletter, reporting on important events and student accomplishments. Homework folders, which students bring home every day, carry information to and from parents. "I've told parents that the homework folder is our lifeline. This is the way we keep in touch with each other." Parents also contact Dr. Frost through e-mail.

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