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Viewing Tools

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The following tools will help focus your viewing and reflections on the videos.

Observational Checklist (PDF): A checklist for recording what you see demonstrated in the videos, including the Essential Components of Literacy Development, the Literacy Teaching Practices, and the Elements of Classroom Environment. Each classroom will have some -- although not necessarily all -- of the practices and components listed on the checklist.

Key Questions (PDF): Overarching questions that help viewers examine important aspects of a literacy classroom, including: classroom environment, assessment, the diverse needs of learners, and the connection between reading and writing.

KWL Chart (Know-Wonder-Learn Chart) (PDF): A chart for accessing prior knowledge, and recording what you already know and what you would like to learn about the topics in the video. Groups can use the KWL to generate discussion and questions to consider while viewing.

Literacy Development Chart (PDF): A chart to record your observations of the students' strength and weaknesses when watching the student case studies.

Classroom Strategy Planner (PDF): A record of a strategy -- or strategies -- you would like to try out in your classroom.

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