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Teaching Reading: K-2  Using This Site


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Using This Site

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Viewing Suggestions

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How you view Teaching Reading K-2: A Library of Classroom Practices will depend upon your needs and interests. You can view all 12 programs, groups of programs, or an individual program. You can organize your viewing by grade level, teacher focus, or student population. You may choose to follow the guide, step by step, or choose a particular set of questions and viewing tools. You can view the tapes alone or in a group. Whichever video(s) you choose to watch and however you choose to watch it, the following suggestions should enhance your viewing:

  • Read the Video Summary, The Teacher and the Class, and Before Viewing sections prior to watching the video. Use the Video Summary to help you decide if a particular video is going to meet your needs. The Teacher and the Class will give you some contextual information you may find helpful as you watch the video. If you are in a study group or running a workshop, you can copy this information for others to read.
  • Print out the tools you will use before you view and reflect on the video; e.g., Observational Checklist, KWL Chart, Key Questions, Classroom Strategy Planner, and Literacy Development Chart (for the student case studies).
  • Watch the video once in its entirety. After a first viewing, answer the questions in First Impressions. Then, watch the selected video segments featured in the Looking Closer section to focus on important teaching and learning moments in the video. To find these video segments, zero the counter on your VCR/DVD player when you see the Anneberg/CPB logo at the beginning of the video, then fast forward to the image shown in the guide.
  • Extend your viewing by doing some of the activities in Making Connections. Read the suggested article, watch relevant videos in the collection, or try out a strategy you saw in the video.

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