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Production Credits

Book Credits

Web Site Production

Senior Producer
Ted Sicker

Curriculum Director
Denise Blumenthal

Library Guide Developers for Classroom Videos

Claudia Grose
Visiting Associate Professor, Language and Literacy
Northeastern University School of Education

Margery Staman Miller
Lesley University School of Education

Library Guide Developer for Student Case Studies
Mary Matthews
Curriculum Coordinator for Language Arts, K-8
Brookline Public Schools, Massachusetts

Curriculum Project Coordinator
Laura O'Neill

Core Advisors

Jeanne Paratore
Boston University

Robert Rueda
University of Southern California

Donna Ogle
National Louis-University

Christian Wise
Lisa Rosenthal

Web Developer
Joseph Brandt

Additional Writer
Laura O'Neill

With the Assistance Of
Mary Blout
Nina Farouk
Sandy Kendall
Yasmin Madan

Video Series Production

Core Advisors

Patricia Edwards
Michigan State University

Jeanne Paratore
Boston University

Robert Rueda
University of Southern California

Project Advisors

Eurydice Bauer
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Donna Ogle
National Louis-University

Linda Rath
Between the Lions (PBS)

Robin Rogers-Browne
Nashoba Regional School District, Massachusetts

Nancy Roser
University of Texas at Austin

James St. Clair
Cambridge Public School District, Massachusetts

Series Producers
Cynthia A. McKeown
Ann Peck

Mary-Kate Shea
Karen Silverstein

Production Assistants
Julie Rivinus
Michael Rossi

Bill Charette
Lance Douglas
Brian Dowley
Robin Hirsh
Stephen McCarthy

Steve Bores
Chris Bresnahan
Charlie Collias
James Lindsey

Production Manager
Mary Ellen Gardiner

On-line Editors
Maureen Barden
Mark Geffen
Glenn Hunsberger
John Sherrer

Sound Mix
John Jenkins
Dan Lesiw

Gaye Korbet
Daryl Myers
Bruce Walker

Jim Sullivan
Guy Van Duser

Judy Richardson

Post Production Associate Producer
Peter Villa

Production Coordinator
Mary-Susan Blout

Location Assistants
Alejandro Aguilar
Robert Laws
Kevin Szaflik

Business Manager
Joe Karaman

Unit Manager
Kimberly Langley

Office Coordinators
Justin Brown
Laurie Wolf

Project Director
Ali Farhoodi

Senior Project Director
Amy Tonkonogy

Executive Producer
Michele Korf

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