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Teaching Reading: K-2  Using This Site


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Using This Site

About This Video Library

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The nine classroom videos and three student case study videos in this video library let viewers observe teachers and students in real, unscripted classrooms. The viewing activities and background information in the guide (available online and in print) provide grist for teacher discussion and reflection.

The secret to success for many excellent teachers is learning from other educators. As Becky Pursley, one of our featured teachers, explains, "The very best of what I do, I've learned from other teachers." We hope each of these videos offers you a window into an exemplary classroom and the opportunity to learn from the successful practice of other teachers.

"I don't often get to go into other teacher's classrooms. If you can show me a video that's going to give me that moment with another teacher -- that's huge!"
-- Focus group participant

Video Library Components
Teaching Reading K-2: A Library of Classroom Practices includes:

(1 tape, 27 minutes)
An overview of the collection and its components

Classroom Programs
(9 tapes, 27 minutes each)
Literacy practices in action

Student Case Studies
(3 tapes, 27 minutes each)
Student progress over time

The Library Guide (available on the Web or in print)

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