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Link: Teaching Reading: K-2

Student Case Study: Cassandra

The Student, the Teacher, and the Class


Cassandra Becomes a Fluent Reader

Video Summary

The Student, the Teacher, and the Class

Analyzing the Video

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Cassandra and Ms. Perez.

Cassandra is a first-grade student at the Young Achievers School for Science and Mathematics in Boston, Massachusetts, where she attended a two-year kindergarten program. The youngest of three children, Cassandra enjoys reading songs, poems, predictable and familiar stories, and books about animals.

Cassandra's Literacy Program

Shared Reading - whole class

Guided Reading - small group

Partner Reading

Independent Reading



Home Reading

Writing in Response to Reading

In September, Cassandra's mother worries that Cassandra is behind in reading compared to her older siblings' progress as readers. Cassandra's mother reports that Cassandra seems uninterested in reading at home, and is easily frustrated. But according to Cassandra's teacher, Hildi Perez, Cassandra developed important reading-readiness skills in kindergarten, and is where she needs to be to begin first grade.

Ms. Perez formally assesses students four times a year to measure progress in phonics, automatic word recognition, oral reading fluency, and comprehension. She uses this information to plan appropriate instruction and to place students in guided-reading groups, which change throughout the year as students' needs change. She expects Cassandra to develop strategies for reading new words and to develop accuracy and fluency in reading.

Establishing literacy routines early in the year, Ms. Perez plans a literacy block that includes whole-class shared reading of literature and poetry, phonics and word study lessons related to literature, literacy centers, and guided-reading groups. As the year progresses, guided-reading groups change and students become more independent as readers, applying strategies modeled by Ms. Perez and reading self-selected books during independent reading time.

For more background information on Hildi Perez and her class, go to Assessment-Driven Instruction

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