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Engaging With Literature: A Video Library, Grades 3-5
Engaging With Literature

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1. Signposts

Classroom Snapshot

Schools: Eight different schools
Locations: Various locations throughout the United States
No. of Students in Schools: Between 125 and 3,700
Teachers: Various
Grades: 3rd to 5th
Subjects: Language Arts
No. of Students in the Classrooms: Between 17 and 31

Schools: The schools in this video library are in geographically diverse locations throughout the United States. Some, like Jonathan Holden's Roxbury, Massachusetts classroom or Latosha Rowley's Indianapolis school, are in urban settings. Some are rural, such as Rich Thomson's Montana school set at the edge of Glacier National Park and Barry Hoonan's school on Bainbridge Island in Washington State. Others are in suburban locations. A wide variety of classrooms and teachers were chosen to help teachers everywhere see how envisionment building might apply in their own locations.

Number of Students in Schools: The schools in the video library run from the small and intimate (125 students at the Odyssey School on Bainbridge Island and 132 students at the Center for Inquiry in Columbia South Carolina) to the 76-acre campus housing Punahou School in Honolulu, the nation's largest independent school with 3,700 students in grades K-12.

Teachers: The teachers in this library reflect the diversity of their profession. Both male and female, they come from a range of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Some are just beginning their careers; three are in their second or third year of teaching. Others have 20 to 27 years experience. All of them believe that every student is capable of learning and that it is their job to help learning happen.

Grades and Subject: All the teachers in this library teach language arts in grades 3-5.

Students: While some of the students portrayed in these classrooms come from comfortable economic backgrounds, a number qualify for free or reduced-price lunch; some children of migrant workers in Georgia may spend only a few months in any school before their parents leave the area to follow employment opportunities elsewhere. Students in these classes come with a wide range of ability levels and experience with school literacies. As is perhaps typical of the nation as a whole, most of the schools work with students from diverse ethnic, cultural, and even language backgrounds.


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