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  School: FAIR School
(Fine Arts Interdisciplinary
Resource School)
  Location: Crystal, MN
  Grade: 8
  Disciplines: Visual Art
Language Arts
Social Studies
  Description: Students express the ideas of conflict and protest through art forms.



Connecting to Your Teaching

FAIR school teachers and studentReflect on Your Practice

  • Is student voice and individual expression something that is valued at your school or in your classroom? How?
  • How do you typically treat controversial issues in your classroom? How might the arts make the exploration of these issues easier – or conversely, more difficult?
  • How do you assess student understanding of abstract issues such as voice, protest, and conflict?

Adaptations / Extensions to Consider

Scale it back: Study one artistic form of protest or resistance, such as protest songs, posters, cartoons, movies, or artwork.

Focus your study: Instead of many issues and means of expression, study one historical period or issue through protest art.

Connect to today: Concentrate on a current or local issue of conflict. Have students express their opinions though one or more art forms.

NEXT: Additional Resources, including unit materials that teachers used.



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