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School 237


Flushing, Queens,

New York City

  Grade: 8
  Disciplines: Theatre
Visual Art
Language Arts
  Description: Students use folk tales as the basis for crafting original theatre pieces.

Watching the Video

Student in bird maskBefore You Watch
Respond to the following questions.

  • What are folk tales? What are some things folk tales have in common across all cultures?
  • How might folk tales help structure the storytelling process for students?
  • Can traditional folk tales be made relevant for today’s student? How? What do they have to say to today’s student?
  • What artistic disciplines would be good to incorporate into a study of folk tales? How might such a collaboration work at your school? Whom could you involve in a folktale project?

Watch the Program
As you watch, notice places where the arts nurture collaborative relationships among students. Write down instances in which arts elements become infused into, and enrich, students’ own stories.

Reflect on the Program

  • What evidence, if any, did you see of the ways students benefited from this unit of study?
  • How, in particular, did theatre and visual art strengthen students’ storytelling?
  • What kinds of preparation do you think preceded the lessons seen in the program? How do you prepare your students to be creative in a multi-disciplinary unit?
  • How do these teachers’ working relationships and the schools’ resources support the type of instruction shown?
  • Which components of the study – theatre, visual art, multimedia – would be most challenging for you and your colleagues to incorporate in an integrated unit? Which would be most natural? Why?

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