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School 237


Flushing, Queens, New York City

  Grade: 8
  Disciplines: Theatre
Visual Art
Language Arts
  Description: Students use folk tales as the basis for crafting original theatre pieces.

About the School

Intermediate School 237Intermediate School 237, Queens, N.Y.

Intermediate School 237, located in the Flushing neighborhood in the borough of Queens in New York City, serves over 1,200 seventh- to ninth-graders, primarily students of Hispanic, Asian, and African American descent. The majority of students at I.S. 237 receive free or reduced-price lunch. I.S. 237 is committed to integrating the arts into all forms of education. Resident artists work with teachers and students to promote interdisciplinary instruction, raise school spirit, and strengthen students’ communication skills. I.S. 237 also offers Talent Classes in band, strings, chorus, and visual art and holds two annual Arts Festivals to highlight the artistic achievements of its students.

School information compiled from the I.S. 237 Web site:

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