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  Analyzing a Culture — The Story Continues
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  School: FAIR School
(Fine Arts Interdisciplinary
Resource School)
  Location: Crystal, MN
  Grade: 6
  Disciplines: Visual Art
Social Studies
Language Arts
  Description: Students analyze artifacts and create exhibitions.



Connecting to Your Teaching

Reflect on Your Practice

  • Are field trips to local cultural institutions commonly used in your school?
  • Consider the cultural organizations in your community. How might they participate in one of your units?
  • If a class trip is not permissible, what about inviting a curator, archeologist, or other professional from your local museum or nearby university?

Adaptations / Extensions to Consider

Scale it back: Work together as a class on analyzing, cataloging, and presenting one set of artifacts with tasks spread among different student groupings.

Connect to writing and presentation skills: Try solving a mystery. Have groups of students analyze one set of artifacts for clues to the culture's universals and what happened to the culture. Have each group present their findings and supporting evidence to the class.

Connect to today: Bring in a set of everyday items and have students analyze their archeological value and what they communicate about today's cultural universals.

NEXT: Additional Resources, including unit materials that teachers used.



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