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  Creating a Culture — The Story Continues
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  School: FAIR School
(Fine Arts Interdisciplinary
Resource School)
  Location: Crystal, MN
  Grade: 6

Visual Art Social Studies
Language Arts

  Description: Students develop
their own island cultures.



Connecting to Your Teaching

Reflect on Your Practice

  • Are integrated thematic units commonly taught in your school?
  • What obstacles exist at your school for planning integrated arts units? How might they be overcome?
  • Thinking about the personnel and resources in your school, which art forms would you be most excited about integrating into a social studies unit on culture?
  • How do you judge students' success at understanding and assimilating new information and material?

Adaptations / Extensions to Consider

Scale it back: Choose one or two colleagues or art forms to work with. For example, have students create a culture that communicates only through music or visual art.

Compare two cultures: Have students derive their own list of ‘cultural universals’ by comparing and contrasting two cultures they have studied and know fairly well.

Connect to today: As a way to get students to think about the elements of culture, have them choose artifacts for a time capsule that will tell archeologists 500 years in the future what life was like for adolescents.

NEXT: Additional Resources, including unit materials that teachers used.



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