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Sheridan Global Arts and Communications School /

FAIR School

  Location: Minneapolis, MN /Crystal, MN
  Grade: 6, 7, 8
  Disciplines: Dance & Science
Dance & Math
  Description: Physical forces and geometric concepts are explored through dance and movement.

Watching the Video

Girl with enormous paper mache bagelBefore You Watch
Respond to the following questions.

  • How can dance be used to expand student learning in other disciplines?
  • How can dance help middle school students recognize, understand, and represent science and math concepts?
  • How can arts teachers work to infuse literacy, science and math components into their lessons or units?
  • How do students communicate what they've learned in your units? What role can dance play in this process?

Watch the Program
As you watch, note the differences and similarities in how the two sets of teachers integrate their lessons and disciplines in these dance collaborations? Write down what you notice. Note what role Kevin's collaboration experience plays in the first segment. Also note how Stephanie connects dance to the math concepts covered in the circle project.

Reflect on the Program

  • How did the students express what they've learned in each of the collaborations?
  • What function did the visit by the first- and second-grade class serve in improving student learning? How could you duplicate these lessons in your classroom?
  • Which part of the units you saw would be most relevant to your practice?
  • What elements of these collaborations were successful?

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