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  Program at a Glance
  School: Hand Middle School
  Location: Columbia, SC
  Grade: 6
  Disciplines: Theatre
Language Arts
  Description: Students create puppet theatre based on a study of Greek mythology.



Connecting to Your Teaching

Reflect on Your Practice

  • Which of your units of study most lends itself to a puppetry or theater component?
  • Who in your school might be a good resource in developing a unit like this?
  • What kinds of adaptations would be required for you to use these approaches with your students?

Adaptations / Extensions to Consider

Scale it back: Try “Readers’ Theater” -- dramatizing literature without the puppets. Or try using finger puppets instead of large-scale puppets.

Connect to history: Bring the historical events and figures you are studying alive through puppetry.

Compare cultures: Dramatize multicultural stories using puppets, for example, Cinderella around the world.

NEXT: Additional Resources, including unit materials that teachers used.



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