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Mineral Springs

Middle School




  Grade: 8
  Disciplines: Visual Art
Language Arts
  Description: Students create ceramic place settings based on literary characters.



Additional Resources

Selected Unit Materials

Who’s Coming to Dinner? A unit overview including a book summary, themes, learning goals, materials, activities, and national standards (PDF)

Art Project Planning Sheet: A graphic organizer for planning and designing place setting projects (PDF)

Print Resources

Chicago, Judy. The Dinner Party. New York: Penguin Books, 1996. ISBN: 0140244379 (paperback); ISBN: 0670859575 (hardbound)

Lippard, Lucy, Lucie-Smith, Edward, & Thompson Wylder, Viki D. Judy Chicago. New York: Watson-Guptill Publications, 2002. ISBN: 082302587X

Taylor, Theodore. The Weirdo. New York: Harcourt Children's Books, 1991. ISBN: 0152949526

Web Sites

The Artchive
An archive of images, text, and articles made available for educational purposes

The Web Gallery of Art
A virtual museum and searchable database of European painting and sculpture of the Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque periods

Art in Context
This site provides public access to information that is added by curators, dealers, artists, writers, and others from around the world

An art search engine for locating images and museums

Judy Chicago: Through the Flower Homepage
An organization dedicated to creating a cultural legacy built upon the vision embodied in Judy Chicago’s work through education, exhibition, and preservation

Faces, The Ultimate Composite Picture
Composite picture software (CD-ROM) containing a database of 4,000 facial features that can be used to create endless combinations of faces

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