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Mineral Springs

Middle School




  Grade: 8
  Disciplines: Visual Art
Language Arts
  Description: Students create ceramic place settings based on literary characters.



Connecting to Your Teaching

Reflect on Your Practice

  • What challenges do your students have in reading and making sense of works of literature?
  • How can you use artworks to provide inspiration for students, or as models for the ways they can express themselves?
  • Who in your school might you collaborate with on a project that fuses story interpretation and visual art making?
  • What constraints of time, scheduling, and resources would you face in trying to collaborate closely with another teacher? How might you overcome these obstacles?

Adaptations/Extensions To Consider

Scale it back: Use less elaborate materials – ask children to paint round wooden plates or paper plates representing characters and themes in a novel.

Connect to your interests: Choose a different artist whose work speaks to you and share it with students as the model or inspiration their own creative work.

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