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Before Watching

This program explores two contrasting approaches to teaching music. Both schools consider their programs successful in meeting their objectives:

  • At Harmony Leland Elementary School, Barrett Jackson’s program stresses results such as respect for the instrument, self-esteem, hand-eye coordination, and personal responsibility rather than performance-based goals.
  • At Smith Renaissance School of the Arts, Sylvia Bookhardt applies both performance and knowledge standards to her students’ work. Students carefully rehearse advanced performance skills such as presentation and style.

As you watch, consider which of the featured teaching approaches would more effectively help you meet learning objectives in your classroom:

  • How would you incorporate each approach into collaborations with classroom teachers or integrated curriculum units?

At Smith Renaissance School of the Arts, classroom teachers and arts specialists collaborate to develop schoolwide themes. Consider how such a themed curriculum unit would work at your school:

  • How would you begin the planning process?
  • How could you use music to advance effective instructional strategies such as inquiry-based teaching and learning?

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