Browns Mill Elementary School

  • Location: Lithonia, Georgia
  • Web site:
  • Principal: Yvonne Sanders-Butler
  • Featured teacher: Hazel Lucas, fifth-grade social studies teacher
  • Grades: K–6
  • Number of students: 937
  • Number of faculty: 81
  • Demographic information: Almost 44 percent of students qualify for free or reduced-price lunch. The student population is 95.6 percent African-American, 1.3 percent Caucasian, and 3.1 percent other.

Browns Mill Elementary School opened in suburban south DeKalb County, Georgia, in the fall of 1990. Most students are neighborhood children in kindergarten through grade five. Nearly a quarter of the school’s students come from schools throughout DeKalb County, enrolled in a magnet program for high-achieving students in grades four, five, and six.

Browns Mill provides a curricular and instructional program that promotes incremental success in achievement for each student and enables all students to master basic knowledge and skills. The school also offers a wide range of opportunities for students to enrich and extend the curriculum through appreciation of the fine arts, creative problem-solving, independent inquiry and research, organization and communication skills, and knowledge of human behavior and other cultures.

Browns Mill emphasizes the arts and other subjects. As a National Education Partner School in the Transforming Education Through the Arts Challenge, the school models comprehensive arts education and school reform by raising academic achievement in all subject areas through discipline-based music, dance, theatre, and visual art education. This approach incorporates art history, criticism, aesthetics, and production of the arts.

Information provided by Browns Mill Elementary School. Current as of February 2002.