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online river science adventure

Amanda Huron (amanda@soundprint.org)
Wed, 22 May 1996 10:22:59 -0400


Maybe you've seen those other Online Adventures. The ones where people
paddle down the Nile in a flimsy boat while wrestling alligators. Or
bicycle through deserts and jungels, risking life and limb to keep you

SOUNDPRINT considers such events dangerous. Expensive. Overstimulating.

Our HAIR-RAISING ADVENTURES are safe. They're modest. They're fun for
the whole family. They require no special athletic abilities. And they
have real SCIENTIFIC value.

Join us starting May 27 for our first Hair-Raising Online Adventure, in
which a perfectly ordinary American family attempts to canoe one of the
safest rivers in California: the Russian River. You can chat with them
live online, and watch them perform simple science experiments that you
can do at home, too.

Come visit our site, at http://soundprint.org/adventure. Starting May
27, you can join in the adventure too.

Amanda Huron, Production Assistant
Soundprint Media Center

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