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Tulip Update: December 19, 1996

As the world turns on this cold winter day, the gardeners' work is complete. Students in over 200 schools across North America--and even some in Europe--planted Journey North gardens this fall. Together, they're waiting for spring. Vicki Burgess, age 12, says it best:

"We have planted our tulips and wait in anticipation. It is like having a buried treasure in our front yard that no one knows about but us." (We live on an island in the Puget Sound, not far from Seattle.)"

Looking down on the world, you can see where the gardens are located. (Thanks to Macalester College for this beautiful map! For a better view, click on the face of the map and it will enlarge.)

Now that the long-awaited list of official Journey North gardens is here, it's time for the fun to begin!

Mid-Winter Ice-Breaker

This activity is designed to be your first exchange with your new Journey North friends. We hope you'll enjoy the mystery!

How to play:

1) Pick your partner from the list of e-mail addresses . (You will not know your partner school's location.)

2) Send an e-mail message and introduce yourselves. For the first round, tell your partner:

3) Next month, we'll suggest clues for round two. In the meantime, have a look at the list of cities where all the gardens are located. Hmmmmm.....Which one do you think is your partner? (If you have planted a garden and are not on the city list or the e-mail list, be sure to REPORT YOUR GARDEN now!)

Exciting News from Washington D. C.

An official Journey North garden was planted at Vice President Gore's house! Fifth grade students from Bunkerhill Elementary planted the Gores' garden on November 19th. Discovery Creek Children's Museum is hosting the Journey North tulip project in their city. They will work side-by-side with the Vice President's gardeners and collect data as the tulips grow. How is the Gore garden growing? Watch for regular reports from these D.C. area students.(Special thanks to Larissa Fawkner for this picture, taken by Trina von Rosenvinge Sobotka.)

Buried Treasures

As winter holds its grip on North America, what do you suppose is happening underground? The Washington Post has planted their own Journey North garden and they're going to find out. They will dig up a bulb each month and take its picture! Take a look at the most recent photo.

Sample School Activities

Over the past weeks, many schools reported activities they had begun. You may want to try some of these creative ideas in your classroom:

Southwest Harbor, Maine
Ms. Howley's Class

Experimenting with microclimates in Maine.
"We planted our bulbs in three different microclimates...."

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Blake School
Watching the seasons progress by noting one new event each day.
"October 3: First killing frost
October 15: Geese migrating, oaks turning color"

Anchorage, Alaska
Sand Lake Elementary

A contest to force spring in Alaska in January!
"Each class will be given a bulb in January which they will "force" in whatever way they chose."

Alpharetta, Georgia
Taylor Road Middle School

Using climate information on the Internet to predict the arrival of spring, 1997.

Coming Soon!

The following activities will be posted in January for you to download:

How to Report Your Garden

If you have planted a Journey North garden and you are NOT listed in the e-mail or city list, please report to us now! We will add your garden to the official list. Press Here To Report

The Next Tulip Garden Update Will be Posted in January, 1997. (Happy New Year!)