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Anchorage, Alaska

We planted our garden--700 tulips in the front of our school! Every student in the school planted a bulb during the first week of October. The ground was already starting to freeze on top, but we got 'em in before the big snow fell on about the 16th of October (we got 27 inches!). This is a big relief as we got NO snow until February of last year.

The plan is to do two things:

1. Introduce my school to what I have been raving about for two years (Journey North);

2. Provide the kids in the school with some scientific method training.

We planted 1/3 of the bulbs at 6 inches depth, 1/3 at 7 inches, and 1/3 at 8 inches. The cooperative extension service up here said they would actually be interested in the results. Of course, we will be using the bulbs planted at 7 inches to participate in the Journey North program.

In addition, I am going to have a contest in which I give each class a bulb in January which they will 'force' in any way they choose. The bulbs are in the deep freeze as we speak! The only requirement is that each class will be required to report on what they did and then what happens using the accepted scientific reporting method--problem, hypothesis....etc.). We will have a prize for the first forced bulb that blooms. I hope the whole process provides a great lead-off for the science fair. I'll know I've been successful if there are NO volcanoes in the official science fair!

Mike Sterling
Sand Lake School