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Fall's Journey South

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This Week's Migration Updates and Other News

Last Week's Migration Updates and Other News

Fall Activities

Send a Monarch to Mexico!
The 2nd Annual Symbolic Monarch Butterfly Migration is now underway.

Plant a Tulip Garden
This fall, plant a tulip garden so you can proclaim the official arrival of Spring, 1998 in your community.

Phenology Data Exchange
Using Nature's clues, can you find your partner?
Collect clues now for exchange in December.

Help Track the Monarch Butterfly Migration
Please report your sightings of monarch butterflies as they leave your region this fall.

Unpave the Way for Wildlife
Establish backyard habitat for migratory wildlife and un-pave the way for their journey south.

Follow Fall's Journey South
As the fall season sweeps southward, migration stories from some of North America's most important wildlife refuges will be told.

Registration is Now Open
Register now for the 1997/1998 School Year.
(You do not need to register again if you participated last year. However, if your e-mail address or other information has changed, please edit your registration.)

Practice, Practice, Practice
After you register, please learn how to "Report Your Sightings" to Journey North. Simply press the owl button on the left and follow the instructions. Don't forget: We can't track migration without you! Please practice using the computerized reporting system now.

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