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Ask the Bat Expert
Now Through May 3, 1996

Internet Field Team members are now invited to send questions to Bat Expert Ginny Dalton! Questions will be accepted through May 3, 1996.

Please send your questions according to the instructions below.

How to Send Your Questions

1. Address an E-Mail Message to:

2. In the Subject Line of your message use the format in these examples below:

Bat Questions: From (YOUR STATE/PROVINCE)
Bat Questions: From New York
Bat Questions: From British Columbia
Bat Questions: From Alaska

This format is important. It will help us process your questions quickly and accurately.

3. In the Body of your message:

4. Send your message! Remember to mail it to:

If you have trouble, please contact the Journey North office at:
our feedback form.

Answers from the Expert will be posted on the species pages and in the Ask the Expert Archives.

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