Workshops and Coaching

Journey North Workshops and Coaching


We offer professional support workshops and coaching that accomplish the following:

  • Model and actively engage teachers in inquiry-based approaches to teaching and learning.
  • Help teachers reflect on their learning experiences as a model for teaching.
  • Offer guidance on effective use of Journey North technology.
  • Help participants plan to implement Journey North and address teaching goals and local and national standards across the curriculum.
  • Build a collegial community of practitioners for sustained professional support.

Workshop and Coaching Options

  • Getting Started With Journey North (full-day or multi-day workshops; hourly coaching)
    This workshop will prepare teachers to implement Journey North by using a sampling of activities from the three main studies: Sunlight and the Seasons (Mystery Class Project), Plants and the Seasons (Tulip Project) and Migrations and the Seasons (Monarch Project). It also introduces the instructional model and provides planning support for using Journey North to meet curriculum standards.
  • Custom Workshops (various lengths)
    Journey North can a provide custom-designed workshop (or a series) that meets local instructional goals and standards. You may choose to focus on one or more of Journey North's project themes (e.g., Monarch Migrations and Symbolic Monarchs), or request a session with a specific instructional focus (e.g., Journey North as a Central Curriculum Theme). We will work with you to design a unique session that meets your needs.


  • $2,000 per day, plus travel expenses.
  • $50/hour for coaching support.

    * Talk to us about reduced fees.

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