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Hooded Crane, Far From Home
This is a Hooded Crane — from Asia! Hooded Cranes breed in southeastern Russia and winter in Japan and Korea. Some Sandhill Cranes breed in northern Russia and migrate through Alaska and Canada and winter in the western US. It is possible this bird wandered north and hooked up with the Sandhill Cranes. Then, when the Sandhills migrated, the Hooded flew with them. The Hooded Crane stayed at Hiwassee until January 30th. It apparently migrated north with the Sandhills, and is now in Indiana. While it was at Hiwassee, several thousand people from all over the country and all over the world came to see the Hooded Crane; 47 states and 10 foreign countries were represented, including Panama, Scotland, Israel, and Romania! Some people REALLY love birds!

Courtesy of David Aborn, University of Tennessee

A Hooded Crane is an unexpected visitor at Tennessee's Hiwassee Wildlife Refuge.