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Weather and Songbird Migration
Spring, 2005

How to Read the Weather from a Songbird's Point of View
Dr. David Aborn
Blackburnian Warbler 

Dr. Aborn's Weather Forecasts for Migrating Songbirds
* Weekly forecasts will be published on the dates shown below:

  • March 1, 2005: How's this week's weather for songbird migration? Ornithologist Dr. David Aborn shares the "secrets" of weather maps so you'll be ready to predict if you'll be seeing birds migrating through YOUR locale.
  • March 8, 2005: Dr. Aborn reports the first birds now migrating north. Swallows, hummingbirds and waterthrush sightings made the news this week.
  • March 16, 2005: Conditions in the West look good for sighting migrant songbirds this week. There were lots of sightings in California this past week and more to come! Birds will be stalled in the SE with rain and another front heading in.
  • March 23, 2005: Nasty weather over the eastern part of the continent has forced a lot of migrants to land, especially along the Gulf coast. What a feast for the eyes! A few clear days and southern winds have sent more birds northward. Another front from the NW will bring rain and birds will once again be forced out of the skies. Spring migration is picking up- go out and see for yourself!
  • March 30, 2004: Songbird migration arrived in full force this week along the Gulf Coast! Southern storms forced migrants to land in TX, MS, and LA. Migrants could be seen as they head up towards the Midwest later in the week. A lot of migration is still ahead, and so far it is off to a good start!
  • April 6, 2005: Lots of birds! That front last week really forced a lot of birds to land, especially along the Gulf coast. Last week was another quiet week out west. Californians saw another Baltimore Oriole. Swallows have made it as far north as Oregon. Midwest, the mid-Atlantic and Northeast should see an influx of migrants by the beginning of next week.
  • April 14, 2005: The warblers are coming! Last week Texas 9 species of warblers spotted, along with Summer Tanagers. Other migrants seen further to the North including swallows in Minnesota and Indigo buntings in New Jersey. Visit the report to find more details and this week’s weather and songbird prediction.
  • April 20, 2005 This past week southerly winds and clear skies have allowed migrants to make their way north. Maine and Vermont reported their first Wood Thrushes, and Warblers moved into the Midwest. In the South, tailwinds meant many birds could fly over the Gulf Coast without stopping. Read many more details in David Aborn’s report this week.
  • April 27, 2005 "Birds, birds everywhere," exclaims Dr. David Aborn. Last week's cold fronts brought birds down for a wonderful week of birdwatching. A front that is now stationary over the Rockies should start moving across the country in another day or two, so there's another good week ahead for birders. David's full report has a birding list to bring you joy!
  • May 4, 2005 The story in the SE and E was the same, from Georgia to Massachusetts to Ohio: lots of warblers, thrushes, orioles, flycatchers, and buntings. A BIG week for migration despite the cooler than average temperatures throughout the mid-section of the country. Read more about the birds that are migrating through YOUR part of the country in David Aborn's report this week.
  • May 11, 2005 Texas and Louisiana had a last big arrival of migrants. New Mexico has had a good week. In the Midwest, Illinois and Wisconsin have reported 12 species of warblers, Warbling Vireos and many others. The coming week looks good for the northern half of the country. Another front moving across the US will force many migrants to land. Read more about the birds that are migrating through YOUR part of the country in David Aborn's report this week.

Is Today a Good Day for Migration?
Look at today's weather map. Find the high pressure systems and note the wind direction. Can you find any places where the weather looks good, from a migratory bird's point of view?

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