Test Garden News:
March 27, 2015
By Mary Hosier

Did someone say it was spring? Some Test Gardens are still under snow and others are blooming, but most are somewhere in between.

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Kentucky garden
Wilkeson, Washington   Kelly Fitzpatrick

Highlights: Gardens in March
Last week's warm weather turned cold across eastern North America but gardens continued to emerge in some schoolyards despite the cold. Twenty-one gardens have emerged and 15 have bloomed since the spring equinox.

"Our growing tulips are emerging through the snow, they are tough!"
03/25/15 Saint Paul, Minnesota

"Did someone say it was spring? On the first day of spring we didn't see any tulips emerging, but we did see snow, snow, and more snow. We don't think we will see our tulips emerge until near the end of April!"
03/20/15  Miramichi, New Brunswick

"Last night it was 16 degrees, and today it is 28 degrees, but our tulips are beginning to emerge through the hard, frosty ground."
Garrettsville, Ohio 03/23/15

"Our local weather has been much warmer than average, but a pencil can only be pushed 2-3 millimeters into the garden soil before hitting solid resistance. Tulips are still many days away." 03/24/15 Palmer, Alaska

Even after an early March snowstorm blanketed the Test Garden in Tennessee, it survived and bloomed.

"It was so fun to see the red color showing today! Our students were so excited. It was amazing how much they grew in one week with a little warm weather."
03/24/15  Chattanooga, Tennessee

March gardens
Gardens in March
tulips emerging
On the Equinox
Sheryl Boser
Senior's blooming garden
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Edith Henson
Spotlight: New Hampshire Garden
This North American garden is still covered with lots of snow. How does this garden profile compare to your own?

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