Test Garden News: May 8, 2014
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We're still waiting for the far northern gardens, but it's time to think about celebrating your achievements and discoveries. Image of the Week
recording conditions in the garden
Capturing Spring
Erin Hollingsworth
News: Blooming in Alaska
We have tulips blooming in Haines, Alaska! Also this week gardens are flowering in Minnesota, Wyoming, Montana, Vermont, and New Hampshire.

"A beautiful splash of red in the spring green."
Haines, Alaska 05/06/14

"The flowers in the tulip garden finally bloomed. Flowers and grass are starting to grow and Central Montana is turning very green."
Lewistown, Montana   04/30/14

Spring can also include windstorms - and dangerous weather.

"OH NO! A windstorm blew through and all of the petals were blown with it! It was a sad day."
Magna, Utah    04/21/14   

Emerging in Sasketchewan
The weather has warmed up in northern latitudes and gardens in Saskatchewan emerged this week.

"Even though we have had snow over the last two weeks, the tulips are coming up. We are so happy to see them."
Roland Michener School
, Saskatoon  05/01/14

Still Waiting...
Even with warmer than average April temperatures in Alaska, we're still waiting for gardens to emerge. Watch the map while we cheer these gardeners on!

tulips in New Hampshire
New Hampshire
Mark Huebner
blooming tulips in Minnesota
Julie Brophy
temps in Alaska map
Alaska Weather
Celebrate: Certificate of Excellence
Celebrate your participation as a Citizen Scientist in the year-long Test garden study! The skills you have sharpened during this study include: observation, graphing, documenting, data analysis, weather and climate analysis, communication, and working together.

Explore: Maps and Journal
Map of Tulip Test Gardens in North America Most Test Gardens have completed their bulb to bloom cycle.

Map of Tulip Test Gardens in Eurasia
North America
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