Test Garden News: May 1, 2014
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May Day is here! Time to celebrate in schoolyards across the Northern Hemisphere. Image of the Week
blooming tulip
Dale Glass
News: Garden Happenings
Despite a long winter and cold spring for much of the continent, gardens and plants persist in their growth. April showers are over and it's time for May flowers.

"Although the tulips first emerged almost 2 weeks ago, they are only about 3-4" now. It's been very cool (40's) and rainy in Wisconsin. Patience, patience."
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin  04/28/14

Despite having a long winter and cold spring, our tulips bloomed in the normal time period based on 10 years of data for our site.

"One final blast of 15" of snow couldn't keep our tulips from popping up. They came out as fast as the rabbits did, so the tops of the leaves are nibbled off. We wonder if that will affect the growth of the tulip?"
Wausaw 04/14/14   

What other kinds of biological phenomena are happening when your Test garden is blooming?

"We are able to gauge tulip bloom dates based on forsythia and maple flowering. We noticed in our 10 years of gardens that these flowers preceed the tulips' by about 2 days. "
Midland, Michigan

Still Waiting...
We're still waiting for gardens to emerge and bloom. Watch the map while we cheer these gardeners on!

blooming tulip
Pat Rose
studying microclimate
Beth Manning
blooming tulip
Hands-On Science
Lila Ross
Celebrate: Showcase Learning
Showcase your learning with a portfolio of the things you've explored during the Test garden project. Review journal pages, updates, and slideshows to make a personal record showing what you discovered.

student portfolio
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