Test Garden News: April 24, 2014
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The long winter is over when tulips begin to emerge and bloom in the garden. Image of the Week
blooming tulip
Germany Blooms
News: Blooming Across the Globe
As temperatures rise and days lengthen, more students have a chance to examine the tulips in their gardens.

"We planted some tulip bulbs upside down and sideways. They are growing fine! How can the upside down ones grow?"
Stevensville, Michigan  04/21/14

The long winter is over when the tulips begin to emerge from the garden. It's time to predict when they will bloom.

"Our tulips emerged! We saw green, purple and red pointed leaves. Most of us predicted the tulips would bloom in May."
Fairlee  04/22/14   

This week the first gardens bloomed in Montana, Wisconsin, Kansas, Ohio, and Michigan.

"Our tulips burst open on Earth Day! We were very surprised how fast they bloomed once they emerged, but the weather was perfect for blooming." Highland  04/22/14

Climate in Eurasian Gardens
Temperatures averaged 2-5 degrees warmer than normal for Europe and Scandinavia last winter. Some gardens bloomed as much as one month eariy.

blooming tulip
Finally Emerged!
Photo: Lisa Sullivan
blooming tulip
Crazy Garden
Photo: Donna Henson-Boyers
blooming tulip
Photo: Monika Seeger
Explore: Flowers: Form and Function
Are flowers pretty just for people to enjoy, or do you think there are reasons for the way they look? Study your tulip flower and explore the different parts.

parts of a flower
Explore: Maps and Journal
Map of Tulip Test Gardens in North America chart
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