Test Garden News: April 17, 2014
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Tulips are resilient plants that snow and cold won't stop. Watch the tulips in your garden to study how they open and close.

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blooming tulip
Gardens in Bloom
News: Bouncing Back After Cold Snap
A strong cold front moved across the country this week, bringing storms ahead of it and very strong north winds behind it. Cold nights with freezing temperatures caused concern for gardens all the way south into the Gulf Coast Region.

The question often wondered is, "do tulips emerge when still covered with snow?"

"Yesterday the garden was snow covered; as the snow melted back the tulips were already emerged about 1"- clearly they had emerged while there was still a little snow over them."
Pownal  04/10/14   

Tulips bloomed in Kansas, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey this week. Students in Utah and New Jersey wonder why their garden bloomed so unevenly.

New Jersey
"One bed of tulips has bloomed. The other beds look like they may bloom in the next 3-4 days. We are thinking about why there is a difference." Montclair  04/12/14

"Our tulips have emerged and bloomed in a staggered fashion this year. We're curious about the weather this winter and springtime."
North Logan   04/01/14  


blooming tulip
Blooming in Snow
Photo: Carol Ann Margolis
blooming tulip
Emergence at 59°N
Photo: Pam Randles

blooming tulip
Uneven Blooming
Photo: Sarah Whitaker
Explore: Why Do Flowers Open and Close?
Most flowers open only once as they grow from a bud to a full blossom. Tulip flowers are different. Watch the tulips in your garden, then read more to understand why they open and close.

bloom and move
Spotlight: Answers from the Expert
Special thanks to University of Minnesota Professor Mary Meyer for providing her time and expertise to respond to your tulip garden questions.
Mary Meyer
Explore: Maps and Journal
Map of Tulip Test Gardens in North America Journal: Science Notebooking
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