Test Garden News: April 10, 2014
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As tulips emerge and bloom, what have you learned so far from your Test garden study?

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blooming tulip
British Blooms
News: Reaching New Latitudes
Melting snow and warmer weather helped bring on spring green and April flowers this week.

Tulips emerged in Wisconsin, Illinois, Rhode Island, Iowa, New Jersey, Michigan, and Russia.

Wisconsin (45°N)
"The sun has finally melted snow off half of our flower bed. Today the tulips emerged."

Michigan (43°N)
"Tulips are emerging, following the robins by one week. Some tulips are about two inches; other area are still under a thick layer of ice and snow." 04/05/14

Russia (56°N)
"At last our tulips emerged! It was -10°C that day. We are glad to see our tulips!"  03/31/14

Tulips bloomed in Maryland, North Carolina, Missouri, Utah, and Virginia.

Utah (40°N)
"Tulips emerged and went straight to blooms!"

Maryland (39°N)
"It rained all day April 7, and the next day the sun came out and three tulips bloomed."

North Carolina (35°N)
"The spring weather has made our tulips bloom. They are between 7 and 10 inches tall." 04/02/14  

blooming tulip
Receding Snow Line
Photo: Erin Hollingsworth
blooming tulip
Record Keeping
Photo: Carrie Jensen

blooming tulip
Results Are In
Photo: Carrie Jensen
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emerging tulips!
Photo: Emily McDonald
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