Test Garden News: March 20, 2014
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Winter's grip continues through the first days of spring but there is still much to discover in the Test garden.

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News: Spring Arrives
It's the final countdown to spring which officially begins with the vernal equinox today - March 20 at 12:57 PM, EDT. It may be spring, but it looks and feels like it is still winter for much of North America. This week's map shows few newly emerged or blooming gardens.

Bloomington, Minnesota
"Tulip bed is still snow-covered in Minnesota. We are trying to be patient. It reached 50° F one day, but more snow is forecast." 03/16/14

Cincinnati, Ohio
"We have seen 5 tulips emerging. They are trying to see if it's warm enough to come out the rest of the way. Our high temperature this month so far has been 68° F. Our low for the month of March was 7° F." 03/14/14

Kaiserslautern, Germany
"Our first observation to see how our tulip bulbs were doing after our not-so-cold winter was on February 26. Much to our surprise we found lots of sprouts peeking out of the ground! Second grade classes have been observing and measuring each week." 02/27/14

Sheffield, England
"The tulips we planted in a sheltered area have all bloomed and look brilliant! The other tulips in less sheltered places are in bud and look as if they will bloom very soon." 03/17/14


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German garden emerges
Photo: Monika Seeger
emerging tulips!
Montana Melt
Photo: Steve Paulson
blooming tulip
Photo: Sharon Garbowski
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Under snow? Emerging? Blooming? Draw and describe how your garden looks today. Predict what you expect to see in April.

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