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Update: May 23, 2013
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As May draws to an end, most Test Gardens have completed their bulb to bloom cycle. In Alaska, the snow is melting and gardens will soon awaken and proclaim spring's arrival.

Today's Report Includes:

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From Bulb to Bloom

News: Alaska Still Waiting

Gardens are still feeling the chill of cold weather in Anchorage, Palmer, and Haines, Alaska.

Haines: "No blooms yet," reports Pam Randles. "We have had such a weird spring this year. We even had a frost advisory yesterday. I worry that the poor tulips will get frostbite, but they seem to be okay. The leaves look undamaged so far. I suspect when they do bloom it will be sudden. We have had spectacular bird migration numbers as well; tens of thousands at a sighting! Strange spring." 05/16/13

Palmer and Anchorage: "I don't see a bit of tulip green showing, although the snow has melted. Our lawns have not greened up, the leaves on the trees are not out yet, but we have budburst. It snowed a couple of inches here Friday. We did have a very cold fall with no snow cover, but I see bulbs in my yard and all over town. We figure things are running about two weeks late here," writes Patrick Ryan. 05/22/13

Minnesota emerge
Gardens to Watch

Minnesota emerge
Photo: Patrick Ryan
Spring Creeping In

Maps: Test Gardens
tulip map

Most Test Gardens have completed their bulb to bloom cycle.

tulip map
(North America)
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