Update: April 11, 2013
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High temperatures spread across the east and southeast United States, while record cold and snowfall are recorded in the continent's mid-section this week. What's happening in your garden?

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Image of the Week
Yay! Emergence
Photo: Kelly Fitzpatrick
Spring Break Bloom?
News: Weather Surprises

Spring weather brings surprises across the continent. Some gardens get snow and some bask in summer-like temperatures. Will the plants spring up once the cold and snow are gone?

Spring in New Brunswick
Second and third graders went out to the garden and found the snow was gone and the tulips were emerging. "We have been waiting a long time! At one point in February we had 45cm of snow on the garden!" 04/08/13

Cold, Rainy Wisconsin
Second graders in Highland found emergence and were so surprised! "It is so utterly miserable outside today-cold, rainy, windy, and just plain nasty out. Could not believe it when we looked outside and saw our tulips emerging!" 04/08/13

Young Scientists in Kansas
Mrs. Brewster's Second Grade class announces the arrival of Spring! "Five tulips bloomed today. It was a cool, cloudy, and windy day," reported these young scientists from Independence. 04/09/13

Record-Breaking in Michigan
"We have had an extremely cold spring and have had snowcover until about a week ago," wrote Teri. We are anxiously awaiting the bloom date to see if it will be a record-breaking late date in the Midland Public Schools' 10-year participation in the Test Garden Project." 03/28/13

Blooming in Utah
Tulips bloomed in four gardens reported by Utah 11th grade students this past week.

Yay! Emergence
Photo: Lisa Sullivan
Spring in New Brunswick

Kansas studentsPhoto: Patsy Bowen
Young Scientists in Kansas

blooming in Alabama
Photo: Brad Shuler
Blooming in Utah

Maps: Test Gardens
How could two gardens emerge that are far north of any of the other gardens with no signs of emergence. Can you find clues to solve this puzzle in a temperature map?
tulip map


tulip map
(North America)
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