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General Features of a Weather Map
weather 02/20/13

The H's and L's represent high and low pressure centers, areas of swirling air.

  • The air around a high pressure center circulates clockwise.
  • The air around a low pressure system moves counter-clockwise.

The colored lines represent fronts: dividing lines between cold and warm air. Blue lines represent cold fronts, with warm air in front (to the right of) the line and cold air behind (to the left of) it.

The red lines represent warm fronts, with colder air in front of it and warm air behind.

This weather map provides a snapshot of conditions on February 20, 2013. Use this word bank to describe in your words what the map reveals.

Kansas warm air counter-clockwise pressure
snow Missouri cold air front



Today's tulip Test Garden map gives us the locations of emerged tulip gardens. Locate the emerged gardens in the path of the snow storm.