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Organizing a Squirrel-Proof Garden
St. Mary's Hall Garden

After only 3 out of 250 tulips planted last year survived the squirrels, teacher Phyllis Swinney had a new plan for this year's Test Garden. She and a group of volunteers pre-treated their bulbs with an "organic squirrel repellent."

Each picture below tells a piece of the story about this large and organized planting day at St. Mary's Hall.

squirrel repellant ingredients soap shavings

This year our bulbs were sprayed with an organic squirrel repellent before planting day. We used a food processor to shred Irish Spring soap. After we planted, we scattered the soap shavings over the tulip beds.

Planting Day: January 11
Our volunteers and students worked together.
organizing Lead teacher ready to plant

Colored scarves and number tags helped organize adults, kids and materials. Students received their bulb along with a cup of sand to amend the soil.

sand and bulb partners gardens
Our volunteers keep their purple scarves as a thank you gift for all their help.
planting hot cocoa emergence!
On planting day we sold hot chocolate to raise money for the Red Cross. Emergence 01/28/13