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Selected Reports from the Test Garden

Waiting, Watching and Recording...

  • April 15: McLean, Virginia
    Our tulips bloomed! Our official test bulbs emerged on 3/15/13 which is exactly one month before our blooming. Cool!

  • April 10: Silver Springs, Maryland
    Fifth graders' garden bloomed in a flash when the temperatures soared to 20+ degrees above normal.

  • April 10: Vienna, Virginia
    Preschoolers at Epiphany Preschool have been patiently waiting for their tulips to blossom. 04/10/13

  • April 10: Centreville, Virginia
    Third graders reported,"We have had an exceptionally warm week (20+ degrees above normal) and our tulip flowers came up out of the ground and reached full bloom in a matter of just a few days."

  • April 9: Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas
    "Spring in Kansas has turned cold and rainy, but our tulips are beautiful!" wrote fourth graders. "Our first bloom appeared the same day this year as in 2011. 04/09/13
  • April 9: Greenwood, South Carolina
    Fourth graders wrote, "Of our two gardens, one in our 'pollinator garden' had tulips at several stages of bloom. The tulips we planted near our Principal's office were brilliant."

  • April 9: Alpine, Utah
    Second Grade students measured emerging tulips and found an average height of 4 to 6 inches.

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blooming in Alabama
Photo: Alison Bauer
McLean, Virginia

blooming in Alabama
Photo: Bob Esty
Silver Springs, MD

blooming in Alabama
Photo: Karen Frick
Vienna, Virginia

blooming in Alabama
Photo: Anne Marie Glawe
Greenwood, SC

Yay! Emergence
Photo: Della Kurtzhals
Alpine Utah