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Selected Reports from the Test Garden

Waiting, Watching and Recording...

  • March 10: Pella, Iowa
    "Our tulips started to emerge after the rain on the 10th. Today (March 12) it is snowing again, so these tips might get covered up for a few more days!"

  • March 15: Osterville, Massachusetts
    "The first emerging tulips were sighted on March 15th, three weeks later than last year."

  • March 7: Asheville, North Carolina
    "Our tulips have emerged! We saw sprouts today. The weather was bright, cold, no clouds and windy. The air temperature was 32 degrees F. The soil temperature was 40.7 degrees F."

  • March 14: Lincoln, Massachusetts
    "Our tulips have tiny green and red leaves. They are between 3-5cm tall. Some of the plants have multiple sprouts. Some have not emerged and we are wondering why?"

  • March 11: Burien, Washington
    Sixth graders in Burien exclaimed, "After two weeks of wet but warmer weather, a half dozen tulips are visible!"

  • March 8: Castle Rock, Colorado
    Second graders in Castle Rock measured emerging plants. "The height of our tulips were 1-3 inches tall. They were green and purplish."

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Tulip Map
Photo: Melissa Anisel

Emerged and GrowingPhoto: Amy Simonoff

Tulip MapPhoto: Terry Green

emerging in WA
Photo: John Garibaldi