Final Update: May 24, 2012
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Sunlight is long and strong up in the northern latitudes where our Alaskan gardens are waiting to proclaim spring's arrival. Keep watching as their reports come into Journey North this summer. Use an artistic word bank to tell the story of the Test garden. Share Field Notes from students at Nelson Rural School who have documented the year with observations and photographs. Don't forget to share your feedback in our Annual Evaluation.

This Week's Update Includes:

Image of the Week
Concept Art
News: Highlights Since May 3
Alaska Tulips Emerge
Palmer, Alaska: May 16
TULIPS!!! Finally, a small group has emerged. We are very excited. I'm not sure when they actually poked up, as the class just returned from a 2-day field trip, but they weren't up Monday. Is is possible for them to bloom before school's out on the 22nd??

Blooming Tulips Reported

  • Saskatoon, Saskatchewan: 05/11/12
  • Mirachimi, New Brunswick: 05/07/12
    (See their garden report.)
  • Barre, Vermont: 05/07/12
  • Duluth, Minnesota: 05/04/12
  • Pleasantville, New Jersey: 05/03/12

Waiting for these Gardens

  • Blackfalds, Alberta garden emerges 05/01/12. When will they bloom?
  • Alaska gardens are in various stages from not yet emerged to almost blooming. Stay tuned!


Tulips Emerge 05/16 in Palmer, Alaska

First sign of bloom 5/23
Palmer, Alaska
Bloom in Miramichi, New Brunswick
Report: Field Notes from Miramichi, New Brunswick
Fantastic Field Notes
Teacher Lisa Sullivan, together with her grade 2 & 3 students went on a year-long study of seasonal change in the tulip Test Garden. Their Field Notes share observations in the garden from planting until bloom. Check out this garden from the north!

Garden Report
from Mirachimi
Test Gardens: Maps
The Test Gardens have almost all completed their bulb to bloom cycle now. The snow is melting in Alaska and the gardens there should soon begin to awaken and proclaim spring's arrival. Enjoy the animated maps as you celebrate the wave of spring across the Northern Hemisphere!

tulip gardens North America snow-ice in North tulip gardens North America
North America
(map | animation | sightings)
Snow and Ice
May 24, 2012
(map | animation | sightings)
Annual Evaluation: Please Share Your Thoughts
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Journey North Annual Evaluation
This is the Final Test Garden Update for Spring 2012.
Thank you for participating! See you in the fall!