Update: April 12, 2012
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Your Sightings!
Report Your Sightings
What is the reason for a flower? Is it for beauty, or does it have a function? Dig into your sources this week and learn more about flowers. Did you know that each part of a flower has a name and a function? Explore, then challenge yourself to try some scientific drawing. This week's Spotlight is on Putney, Vermont.

This Week's Update Includes:

Image of the Week
parts of a flower
News: Garden Highlights
Many students returning from spring break were surprised to be greeted by red tulips blooming in the test garden. How much frost and snow can a blooming tulip withstand? This question was answered many times the past week. Keep your eyes on the map. When will those brown squares turn green?
Research: Flower Parts: Form and Function
Uncover information this week and learn more about the parts of a flower. Did you know that each part has a name and a function? Show what you can learn. Label the diagram, then use the word cards as clues to help you with the fill-in-the-blank chart.

Challenge: Study the photograph of the Red Emperor flower. Carefully draw what you see in your journal and label the tulip flower parts.

parts of flower
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chart words blank diagram
Fill-in-the-blank Chart
Parts: Form and Function
Word Cards Flower Diagram
With Answers
Spotlight: Putney, Vermont
When tulips fully bloomed at Putney Central School students found something inside, "Cool, I can see the pistil and stamens in this tulip today!" Further explorations brought some interesting observations.

vermont gardeners
Test Gardens: Maps
Find 50 degrees North Latitude on the North American map. Trace from east to west. Now predict which of the gardens north of 50 degrees will emerge first. Write your prediction in your journal this week. Come back next week to check if you were right.
tulip gardens North America tulip gardens North America
North America
(map | animation | sightings)
(map | animation | sightings)
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