Update: March 8, 2012
Please Report
Your Sightings!
Report Your Sightings
¡Una tulipa ha florecido! Students across the continent are proclaiming spring in their communities. Whether your gardens are up or buried under the snow you can celebrate. Take a closer look at flowers. How are they different and the same? Practice looking at, and drawing flowers to sharpen your botanical skills.

This Week's Update Includes:

Image of the Week
blooming in North Carolina
Credit: Amy Stamper
"Science in Progress"
Journal: Looking Closer at Flowers
Spring is coming! To celebrate the first test garden blooming let's take a closer look at flower anatomy. Are you ready to be keen observers?

Keen Observers
Scientists rely on their skills of observing and recording the world around them. You can practice the skills of a botanist by observing and capturing flower details as spring unfolds around us.

flower anatomy poster
Flower Anatomy
Highlights: Garden News
The excitement is peaking in many classrooms as proud gardners are proclaiming spring's arrival. The maps hold all the stories, but here are a few highlights:

03/05/12 Columbus, Indiana
When we went outside today we were pleasantly surprised to see our tulips emerging!

03/07/12 Elkton, Virginia
We now have 24 tulips emerged, even though we only planted 20. Some are doubles and some are triples. We are having fun watching.

Photo: Sherry Hashman
Columbus Academy
Test Gardens: Maps and Journal Page
The map is showing interesting patterns of tulip emergence. Study this week's map animation to watch spring sweep across North America. Describe what you see in your tulip journal. Predict where the newest gardens show up next?
tulip gardens North America tulip gardens North America journal
North America
(map | animation | sightings)
(map | animation | sightings)

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