Update: February 16, 2012
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Report Your Sightings
A garden treasure hides under a big pile of snow. Guess where this garden is. The answer may lie in a map. Explore a treasure trove of maps in today's slideshow. Discover clues for predicting when gardens will emerge this spring. Visit an ISD in Texas where all schools are participating. Find out how they use the garden for every grade level.

This Week's Update Includes:

Image of the Week
garden under here
Hidden Treasure
Maps for Predicting: Slideshow
Maps are like treasure chests; they are filled with jewels of information about climate, geography, weather, temperature and historical data. Use maps to help predict when gardens emerge. Each kind of map gives us a piece of the puzzle.
  • Slideshow: Maps as Tools
    (Includes handouts and teaching suggestions.)
Citizen Science Slideshow
Spotlight: News from TX and NB

ISD Humble, Texas
"In Humble and Kingwood, Texas we have designed the Journey North Tulip investigation as a campus-wide project across our entire school district," shares Alison Pierce. Peek at their K-5 curriculum timeline.

Miramichi, New Brunswick
Students explore the conditions in the garden each month and have some interesting data to share in this snowy test garden location.

Share what is happening in YOUR test garden!

Fifth and kindergarten joint planting
Test Gardens: Maps and Journal Page
This map continues to show new gardens emerging every day. Last week we had 36 new gardens reported emerged, this week there are 21 new green dots on the map. How do land and ocean temperatures affect gardens? Explore a different kind of map in today's Journal.
tulip gardens North America tulip gardens North America journal questions
North America
(map | animation | sightings)
(map | animation | sightings)
The next Test Garden update will be posted on February 23, 2012.