Update: February 9, 2012
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This week we saw an explosion of green on the map. Gardens are emerging in an interesting pattern. Can you describe it? Read about students in Oregon. These Journey North students 'get it' about being citizen scientists. Compare springs to see if this warm winter weather is affecting the growth of plants across North America.

This Week's Update Includes:

Image of the Week
Students Receive Symbolic Monarchs in Mexico
Alabama Garden
Citizen Science: Quotes
The Test Garden Project
"The project is important because scientific data should be shared," said student Taha Haji-Mohamed at Central Elementary. "What if, for instance, an American scientist or a Russian scientist had medical data that the other could use to cure a disease? So we're sharing data to show the different climates in the world, just to do it as a world group team," the 10-year-old explained.


Oregon garden
Citizen Science in Albany, Oregon
Spotlight: Test Garden Experiment
Sometimes when students design their test garden to follow the rules, things don't work out. How will tulip bulbs grow in a warm climate if they have not had the required 6-plus week chilling requirement? Learn about some students who chose to turn their test garden into an experiment.

Inspired? Send us your experiments for sharing.

Experimenting with Dormancy Requirement
Test Gardens: Maps and Journal Page
This week we saw an explosion of green on the map. Gardens are emerging every day along with comments of unusually warm winter weather. We had 36 more test gardens reported emerged, for a new total of 49. We will examine them more closely in today's Journal.
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North America
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(map | animation | sightings)
The next Test Garden update will be posted on February 16, 2012.