Update: January 5, 2012
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How cold is the air temperature today? What's the soil temperature where the tulip bulbs are nestled underground? This week, take a closer look at temperatures and locations. Consider how soil temperatures might affect tulip growth this spring.

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measuring temperatures

What's Happening Underground?

Explore: Temperatures in the Tulip Garden

Your bulbs are settled seven inches underground. It is now the darkest and probably the coldest time of the year. What's going on underground?
How do the temperatures underground compare with above ground? Are they the same? How does this affect your tulip bulbs?

Go outside and test your ideas using thermometers for the air and soil. Use a chart to record temperature predictions and actual temperatures.

Use your journal to track your ideas and predictions.

soil and air temp chart
Temperature chart
Spotlight on Pennsylvania Gardeners

Pennsylvania Students Plant Tulips
Watch as the Book Bunch kids plant their Journey North Test Garden on December 8, 2011.

Explore: Maps and Temperatures

Across the Northern Hemisphere our tulip investigation now has over 350 gardens participating. Many more tulip bulbs come out of storage this week for planting in warmer climates. Keep your eye on your gardens and report when you see the first signs of bulbs emerging.

  • This Week's Map Question Handout
    A valuable map becomes a prediction tool this week. Study this temperature map often as winter turns into spring.
North America Map
map questions Journey North Test Gardens: Europe, Fall 2010
North America
Map Question Handout Eurasia
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The Next Tulip Garden Update Will Be Posted on February 2, 2012.