Journey North News: Winter & Spring 2007

Posted on Fridays: Jan. 5, Feb. 2, 9*, 16, 23*, Mar 2, 9*, 16, 23*, 30, Apr. 6*, 13, 20*, 27, May 4*, 11 (* Data Only)

May 4, 2007
This week we explore the botany of the tulip flower. Learn about the tulip’s “family” and meet others also in the Lily family. Look closely at the tulip flower. In science there’s always a WHY behind WHAT you see. Wrap up the tulip project with a portfolio full of what you learned. And join in the celebration of student gardeners around the world.
April 27, 2007
Spring is sweeping across the northern prairies now with great welcome. Tulips are emerging from under piles of snow from as far north as Newfoundland and New Brunswick. What kind of red blooming patterns do you see on the map? Use weather maps to help you see the power of climate and temperature on the arrival of springtime events across the continent. And share the beauty of tulip art with Midland, MI.

Credit: E. Howard
April 20, 2007
Wet and stormy weather continues to deliver setbacks to spring across the continent. As much as 7 inches of rain pounded gardens in the NE and more snow falls in the Rocky Mountains. Not all tulip gardens are stuck in the cold. Observe closely as tulips open right before your eyes in a photographic display you will watch again and again. Try experimenting with your own blooms when they arrive!
April 13, 2007
The topic for the week is the weather. Unseasonable cold and snow have been blanketing the eastern two-thirds of the map for over a week as storm after storm move in. How are the tulips faring? What happened to those real early January emerging tulips? Find out this week. And a teacher shares an amazingly simple chart and garden design to help students track and chart their tulip progress using geometry!
April 6, 2007
Just a quick update today to give you the latest data for your map. The calendar says it is spring, but winter has dropped snow and cold on the northern latitudes this week. How will it affect the gardens? Where have spring temperatures arrived and where are gardeners still waiting? And visit a unique Oregon garden monitored by a LEGO NXT remote sensing vehicle.
March 30, 2007
News of emerging and blooming gardens pours in everyday! Grab your journals and head for the garden. Spring weather is changing the world around us! Georgia O’Keeffe is inspirational. Let her are help you capture springtime with your own words and pictures. Does it seem like spring is coming earlier or later than it did last year? Explore this question with our map from NOAA. And visit 2 more schools with some neat ideas to share.
March 9, 2007
There are 49 more gardens on the map this week! Take a close look at your garden and report if you see them emerging. Many excited gardeners watched tulips emerge last week only to find them covered with a new blanket of snow! Read the highlights. Visit 2 new featured gardens and see some neat things they are doing.
March 16, 2007
The Irish aren’t the only ones celebrating green! We have an incredible 56 more GREEN gardens emerged in the past week! Will our green growth be protected if winter is not yet over? Learn about risky weather and the first green sprouts of springtime. Review the data from 10 years of tulip gardens. What can you learn about spring at one garden site? Try this creative assessment tool and create a tulip booklet to keep!
March 9, 2007
There are 27 more gardens on the map this week! Take a close look at your garden and report if you see them emerging. While we are watching the green spring spread across the Northern Hemisphere we will focus on some interesting gardens each week. Study the clues and try to find where two special gardens are this week. And what can an armadillo do to a garden? Find out this week!
March 2, 2007
While winter weather hits hard in many areas this week our tulip garden map is telling us spring is indeed arriving in some gardens. Where are the newest gardens? How can we predict which will be next to emerge? Study the BIG picture – a weather map! Use this fun mapping technique each week now as spring unfolds across the continent.
February 23, 2007
Just a quick update today to give you the latest data for your map. Take a close look at the map. Do you see a pattern emerging? Try your hand at drawing the pattern using this week’s handout guide. Our first blooming garden is cause for celebration! Spring has arrived in LaJolla, CA. Then brainstorm why one garden is still underground while all around there is green.
February 16, 2007
This was a week for weather! It was freezing cold on one side of the continent but warm on the other. In addition we saw big snow storms dumping snow across the US and Canada. How will this wintry weather affect tulip gardens? Roll up your sleeves to explore snow and freezing temperatures and their affect on our tulip gardens.
February 9, 2007
Just a quick update today to give you the latest data for your map and a geography puzzler to solve. Practice navigating around the Tulip Garden MapServer to see all around the globe for the answer. Then ask why.

February 2, 2007
This week’s map shows a lot of tulips emerging. These events are unusual for a Ground Hog’s Day map. What is going on? Compare 3 years of February maps and come to your own conclusions. Investigate the 3 W’s: What does it matter? What might happen? Why is this happening?

January 5, 2007
The map is filling up with gardens. Warmer than average temperatures are being recorded across the continent and our first gardens have emerged! What is in store for the spring of 2007? Check out our weather maps and predict when spring will arrive in your garden. Spring is right around the corner in some of the Journey North gardens.

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