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Journey North News

Cr. Laura Dwyer
FINAL Tulip Garden Update: May 12, 2006
This season’s final map still shows some gardens yet to show red. As nature often teaches us, factors beyond our control can change the outcome of an experiment. This might not mean failure. What do you think? Teachers share 2 great assessment lessons: First and fifth graders review and reflect what they learned with age-appropriate portfolios. And, a BIG Thank You to all involved in this year's best ever Journey North Tulip Garden project!
 Koontz Class Tulip Experiment Tulip Garden Update: May 5, 2006
May Day brought baskets of flowers from our gardens and woodlands this week! The map's colored mostly red - showing that spring has swept across the North American continent. After the long, cold winter the Northern gardens are coming to life. Last Chance to predict! Who will be the last to bloom? Stay tuned!
Tulip Garden Update: April 28, 2006
Lots of RED on this week’s tulip garden map. Our tulip Expert gives answers to some critical questions about spring’s arrival in North America. Explore a mystery in the fridge – what could cause the flowers to die? Get out your journals and go outside. Use your senses to create poetry this week. May is coming--when will the rest of our gardens emerge?
Tulip Garden Update: April 21, 2006
Spring is spreading. The past week 37 gardeners reported tulips blooming in their gardens. Will the weather hold steady so the tulip blooms will last? Explore how spring migration events are powered by the Sun. Plants don't seem to move around much, but keep your eye on them and you will notice something unexpected. Come back next week when we reveal all your questions and our Expert’s answers.
Tulip Garden Update: April 14, 2006
This week BLOOMING tulips beat out EMERGING ones. We know that spring has almost arrived in North America when this happens! Compare this week’s garden with last in the week-by-week animation, and keep your eye on the northern-most gardens. What’s an anomaly, and have you seen any? What makes plants shorter than average? And the art of making paper tulips.

Tulip Garden Update: April 7, 2006
Tulip gardens are springing up all over North America. This is an exciting time, especially when patterns emerge so clearly to show the changing season. Out in the garden many questions arise and in today’s short report we can’t help asking a couple. Come back next week when we discuss all the latest Challenge Questions and your answers.

Nat. Gardening Assoc
Tulip Garden Update: March 31, 2006
Are your tulips blooming, or are they still under the snow in your garden? Today’s map shows that spring is showing up in the garden across much of North America. Try a botany lesson this week then use your knowledge out in the tulip garden. Get inspired by springtime and flowers with an art project everyone can do. Brush up on your math skills and read from others in this big experiment.
Tulip Garden Update: March 24, 2006
Just a quick update today to give you the latest data for your map. We've added another 10 blooming gardens and 28 emerging gardens to the map. Spring is spreading across North America and Europe! Slide your cursor over the map to watch it spread in our gardens across the Atlantic. Keep track on our weekly slide show.

Tulip Garden Update: March 17, 2006
The Irish aren’t the only ones celebrating green! We have another 63 gardens reported this past week. As we near the Vernal equinox Alaska gardeners report 6 more hours of light since December! But weather can be bold during this spring season. Learn a lesson about cold weather and tulips. Consider how conditions might affect plant growth. Then grab your ruler and calculator as you record your tulip growth this spring.
Tulip Garden Update: March 10, 2006
Just a quick update today to give you the latest data for your map. What’s happening in YOUR garden? Take a close look. Will spring arrive at the normal time after this winter’s warmer than average temperatures? Study the winter temperature maps to explore this question. Come back next week for a full report.
Tulip Garden Update: March 3, 2006
It's not yet St. Patrick's Day, but already we are "seeing green" when we glance at today's tulip map. Does spring truly move northward? Grab your map and explore this question. Map the wave of spring and improve your predictions for spring 2006. Attention geographic detectives: What’s a global address? Check it out to find a garden in Fairfield, IL using their coordinates.

Tulip Garden Update: February 24, 2006
Just a quick update today to give you the latest data for your map. Tulips have emerged in another 16 gardens and in one more garden they have bloomed! (Can you find it?) What other changes do you see when you compare this week's map to last week's? Pick the garden that you think will be the next to bloom. Come back next week and see what has happened!
Tulip Garden Update: February 17, 2006
We now have 65 gardens showing green and our FIRST blooming garden of 2006. Guess where it is (don’t peek) then look to see if you predicted correctly. Is spring earlier this year? A 7-year collection of JN maps awaits your investigation. Imagine you are a bulb and take your questions to the garden. Hints for you, and spotlight on Lincoln, NE.

Tulips are popping up all over! Tulip Garden Update: February 10, 2006
Just a quick update today to give you the latest data for your map. Study this week's maps: Tulips have emerged in 3 different countries so far. Can you name them? Why do you think the tulips have emerged in England (52.9 N) before those in Germany(49.6 N)?
 Koontz Class Tulip Experiment
Tulip Garden Update: February 3, 2006
Classrooms are a-buzz with excitement as reporters share their news. Green tulip shoots are emerging! What kind of pattern can you already see? Where do you predict the next new green will appear? Learn to look closely at all the clues. You can be ahead if you keep your own records. Try our many printable pages for your scientific notes. And let’s give a big welcome to a new little booklet.





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