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How can a handful of tulip bulbs help us understand climate and seasons across the Northern Hemisphere? More...


Journey North Climate Garden Map: North America
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Journey North Climate Garden Map: North America
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blooming tulips
Students getting ready to plant in Oceanside, New York. Photo by Julie McGahen.

In this international science experiment, students in schoolyards across the northern hemisphere plant tulip bulbs in their Journey North Test Gardens each fall. When the plants emerge and bloom, children announce springtime in their part of the world.
Fall 2017
Watch this season's story unfold.
Students Planting Journey North Tulip Test Gardens

Fall News
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September - January

blooming tulips

How to Participate
Join students across the Northern Hemisphere in planting a Tulip Test Garden

Test Gardens Track Seasons
September 11, 2017

Get ready to track the greening of spring 2018.


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