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Lessons and Laughter
Fun and hard-learned lessons in the tulip Test Garden.  More...


Journey North Climate Garden Map: North America
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Journey North Climate Garden Map: North America
map | list

blooming tulips
"We have a scarecrow named Chester in the bed with last year's bulbs.
Students are writing stories about Chester the Scarecrow and their tulips,"
wrote Teri Bickmore in Midland, Michigan on April 16th.

In this international science experiment, students in schoolyards across the northern hemisphere plant tulip bulbs in their Journey North Test Gardens each fall. When the plants emerge and bloom, children announce springtime in their part of the world.
Spring 2017
Watch this season's story unfold.
Students Planting Journey North Tulip Test Gardens Weekly News
February 8 - May 10


Tracking Spring's Journey North

Fall Planting

Meet the students who've planted gardens across the Northern Hemisphere.

Spring Tracking

Get ready to track the greening of spring 2017.

planting emergence emergence

Get Ready to Track
January 11, 2017

Explore questions about temperature in the garden - above and below ground.

Tulips Emerging!
February 8, 2017

Why did these gardens emerge first? Maps can reveal clues to help answer your questions.

A Pattern in Progress?
February 15, 2017

Do you see a pattern for emerging Test Gardens? Watch carefully and predict which gardens will be next.

emerging emerged! wondering

Underground and Waiting
February 22, 2017

While most tulip Test Gardens still lay in waiting under the ground, there are 44 emerged tulip gardens to celebrate.

The Watch is On!
March 1, 2017

Gardeners across the continent are keeping a close eye on their Test Gardens.

March 8, 2017

The spring equinox is just around the corner. How will longer days of sunlight affect plant growth?

wondering In the garden Emergence

Cold Snap
March 15, 2017

Warm weather can turn cold in a snap in March! Can tulip plants handle early spring's up and down weather?

Thinking Like Scientists
March 22, 2017

Questions are springing up from careful observations in Test Gardens across North America. What creative ideas do you have for solving them?

Spring is Progressing!
March 29, 2017

Tulip emergence leads to big, beautiful blooms as spring progresses. Brush up on flower anatomy this week.

Tulips are blooming! In the garden blooming

Spreading Green Cheer
April 5, 2017

Students are celebrating spring in the Test Garden. Observe your tulips closely and discover their beauty and function.

At Last — Emergence!
April 12, 2017

Warm spring temperatures brought young citizen scientists outside to observe tulip growth this week.

Tulips Survive it All
April 19, 2017

Spring weather is always variable. Test Gardens emerge, snow and storms arrive, and somehow the tulips survive it all.


Lessons and Laughter
April 26, 2017

Fun and hard-learned lessons in the tulip Test Garden.





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