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Update: December 5, 2013
By Mary Hosier
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After You Plant:
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Where will Test gardens emerge first? Sharpen your geography skills this month to make your predictions.

shhhh..bulbs still dormant
News: Time for Predicting!

Students are exploring, digging, and planting across the Northern Hemisphere. Whose Test gardens will emerge first? Last? Find these sample garden locations on a map and predict when their tulips will emerge.

Mr. Hebner's Class
Sheffield, England
Innoko River School
Leicestershire, England
Making observations
Boring, Oregon
Mr. Hebner's Class
Elk Grove, California
Making observations
Shageluk, Alaska
Making observations
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Mr. Hebner's Class
Fort Collins, Colorado
Mr. Hebner's Class
Golden Valley, Minnesota
Mr. Hebner's Class
Williamsburg, Virginia
Mr. Hebner's Class
Gilmanton, New Hampshire
Mr. Hebner's Class
Miramichi, NB, Canada
Mr. Hebner's Class
Albany, New York
REPORT to the Map

Tulip Test Gardens: North America
map | sightings

After planting, report your garden "PLANTED" and you will see your garden on the map!

"Tulips PLANTED"
exploring resources
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