Update: September 13, 2012
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It's Time to Plant Your Tulip Test Garden!
Fall is the time to dig into activities that explore the BIG question: How can tulips help us measure the arrival of spring as it sweeps across the Northern Hemisphere? Discover how to choose a garden site and start planting your Red Emperor tulip bulbs!

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Credit: Melissa Austin
It's Planting Time!
Let's Get Started! Slideshow

Build background knowledge and introduce Tulip Test Gardens wth a slideshow that explores key questions: When will spring arrive in our hometown? How can tulips help us measure the arrival of spring as it sweets across the Northern Hemisphere?

Check out information about what, where, when, and how to plant your Tulip Test Garden:

Introducing the Project with booklet and slideshow


Explore: Where Do We Plant Our Garden?

Because your tulips will proclaim the arrival of spring in your community, you must plant them in a site that best satisfies the planting protocol that all test gardens will follow. Which garden site is suitable for plant growth and best represents the climate where you live?

Where should we plant our tulip test garden? Explore your own questions to find and compare possible garden sites.

lay out
Credit: St. Andrews

Journal Question:
Why do all the Test gardens follow the same planting protocol?

REPORT to the Map

After planting, report your garden "PLANTED" and you will see your garden on the map!

Tulip Test Gardens: North America
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Spread the Word

Let's get out the word and find new gardeners to proclaim spring's arrival across the map! Do you have a partner school, homeschool network, or friends and relatives in far away places who could plant a garden and share their data? Send them an invitation to join the fun!

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The Next Tulip Garden Update Will Be Posted on October 12, 2012.